Daniel 7:2-14; Luke 21:29-33; Friday, November 29, 2019

“Alertness or being alert”

 The bottom line of our discipleship’s narrative today is “Alertness or being alert.”

 Simple farmers and fishermen are people who are equipped with a natural- creative imagination in interpreting the signs of the nature. For example, if the clouded sky covers the day, immediately they will say, it is going to rain or at least the rainy season is at hand and therefore, they will prepare their land for a new planting. Or if the stars in the night shine brightly, they would say there will be no rain during these days and other examples.

 Jesus, through the gospel of Luke today speaks the important of alertness or being alert in the life of his disciples in waiting for the culmination of the coming of the Kingdom of God. Cambridge Dictionary defines alertness as “the state of being ready to see, to understand, and to act in a particular situation.” So, there three important key words behind the word alertness: SEE – UNDERSTAND – ACT. And precisely this what the gospel of today demands of us in our day to day life.

 Alertness is an ability to see not only by physical eyes, but first and foremost by our hearts, the signs of the times where God reveals his will.

 Alertness is a capacity to hear not only by our physical ears, but first and foremost by our inner self, the signs of the times where God speaks.

 Alertness is a formative attitude that guides one to a better growth and transformation.

 Alertness is a missionary vision in responding to the new challenge.

 Alertness is more than an ability or a capacity, or a formative attitude that leads to transformative experience or even a missionary vision in responding to the new demands. It is a virtue to experience a profound call from God in our daily lives.

 Let us then, cultivate this virtue along our path of discipleship. Let us being alert: able to see, to understand and to act accordingly.