Claretian House, Kupang. Formation is a lifelong process. It rises from the very beginning of one’s life within the womb of a mother and ends up to the tomb. It is a long as well as endless journey in one’s life. No one could claim that formation is a single process in one’s life. It takes an entire life.

Responding as well as growing into this process, the Decennium Program of Indonesia – Timor Leste Independent Delegation takes place. Reflecting on the general theme, “Towards a Transformative Missionaries,” the program attempts to bring all the participants to immerse in a profound transformative experience within these ten days program. This year this program is organized in three different regions: Timor Leste Region on May 5-14, 2019; West Indonesia Region on June 1-10, 2019 and East Indonesia Region on June 26 to July 5, 2019. At least 44 young missionaries in these three regions under ten years of their priesthood or perpetual profession for brothers participate in this spiritual-academic renewal.

Councils of the Delegation, under the Prefect of Formation of the Delegation, Fr. Nikolaus Ilan, cmf and the Prefect of Spirituality of the Delegation, Fr. Emanuel L. Talok, cmf, organize this program in a spiritual-academic atmosphere where some Claretian Missionaries among the groups are requested to give input aside from the key note speakers Fr. Jovito do Rego de Jesus for Timor Leste Region and West Indonesia Region and Fr. Oktovianus Naif for East Indonesia Region. All the participants are grateful with this endless transformative process and return to their mission fields, bringing with them big dreams and project of self-renewal.