To be a missionary means to be brave to take a risk and then send everywhere. Tuesday (8/1), Community of Wisma Scholastic Claretian held up the separation and go send (Perpisahan dan Perutusan) with Father Dominikus Kabosu Tae, CMF. According to decision of the council of delegation Independent Indonesia-Timor Leste, Fr. Domi will be a superior in Tomok Parish.

This ceremony opened with the Holy Eucharist. And, this Eucharist was presented by Fr. Domi.

With the theme, “Lower your Nets (Luke 5:4)” (Tebarkanlah Jalamu), Fr. Domi accepted this mission. Every mission is a consequence of God’s knowledge about himself. “Maybe this mission happened because God knows well my self”, he said.

In other place, Fr. Pankratius Rehi Kandelu, CMF, admitted really lost a figure of papa in this community. Every memory of Fr. Domi will never disappear. Fr. Pankras said that Fr. Domi always invite him to enjoy the break time at 10 o’clock. “Every 10 o’clock my room’s door is knocked. (Father) Pankras, let’s drink. And wait a moment, (Father) Paskal, let’s drink”, he remained.

Existence of Fr. Domi in the Community of Jogjakarta so short. But all memories with Fr. Domi will never lost. Happy your vocation in the new mission place. God always with you.Mario F. Cole Putra, CMF