Community of Wisma Scholasticat of Claretian begin a new story in the new year of 2019. Monday (7/1) community received a grace from God in a form of new superior. Fr. Pankratius Rehi Kandelu, CMF pointed to be the superior of community of Wisma Scholasticat Claretian. The inauguration ceremony was carried out in the Divine Worship and led directly by Fr. Nikolaus Ilan Erap, CMF.

The inauguration ceremony was begun with the reading of Constitution of Claretian Missionary. The points of Constitution was taken from Chapter XV numbers 102-105. The points talk about Government of the Local Community.

Fr. Pankras said that he was really give thanks to the Lord for His Grace upon him. He was ready to receive this appointment because there is community. “I received, because I am still with Fr. Niko and with Fr. Valens. There is Fr. Berthon. There is Fr. Paskal”, he said.

Fr. Pankras admitted that the existention of community will really help his assignment as a superior. “I don’t walk alone, but walk together”, he said.

In the same place, Fr. Niko also gave thanks of this inauguration. As a missionary who ever received this appointment, Fr. Niko reflected that every form of appointment is a free grace which come from God. “Whatever appointment, it is grace”, he said.

Fr. Niko still reflected his vocation with the appointment which he received. Appointment doesn’t mean standing upon all class. The appointment is about service that should be given to all men. “Serve earnestly”, he said.

Congratulation for Fr. Pankras as a new superior of community of Wisma Skolastikat Claretian. Good Service.

Mario F. Cole Putra, CMF